Designed for the Way You Learn

Your brain learns better using a multi-media approach that breaks big topics into small chunks.The Deep Dive uses video, interactive learning activities, reading, and sample test questions. The exam covers a lot of content. All of it is is broken into 70 short animated videos that are fun to watch. Interactive learning lets you test and apply what you just learned. The detailed student manual helps you memorize key terms.

The self-paced format allows you to fit your study time into your life. How do you like to study? Evenings? Mornings? An hour at time? Four hours? This self-paced online program is the most flexible format.

The Best Use of Your Time

You will spend less time studying for the exam when you use the Deep Dive. The pattern of short video, learning activity, and short reading assignment is the best and fastest way to learn. In 35 hours you will study all the content, take multiple sample exams, and be ready to sit for the exam. That's much faster than attending a live classroom for 35 to 40 hours and THEN reading and practicing on sample test questions.

Study when it works for you. Don't wait for a class to be held. Just get started today!

Realistic Practice Exam Questions

Over 400 sample test questions show you what to expect on the exam. When you can confidently pass our sample exam, you'll be ready to pass the REAL exam!

Have Fun Learning

Animated videos and interactive learning activities are the most fun you can have while studying for the exam. The Deep Dive includes interviews with the Heart Heights project team, explaining how exam topics apply to their big project. See for yourself how our animated videos and the Heart Heights team make it fun to learn!

Watch a video lesson from Project Resource Management about Managing Conflict.


The Heart Heights project brings PMP topics to life! A Heart Heights video is included for every major topic. Listen to the Heart Heights team tell their team building story.