100% Self-Study! Complete eLearning Package.

The Deep Dive eLearning package emphasizes the concepts needed to pass the exam and to successfully manage projects.  The Deep Dive includes:

  • Instructional videos
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Sample exam questions
  • An online manual with detailed explanations

Hybrid Deep Dive: Attend a Study Series Led by a PMP Exam Expert.

The most comprehensive strategy for PMP exam study combines the elearning package AND live study sessions!


Attend a Hybrid Deep Dive Online PMP Study Series

The Hybrid Deep Dive Online Study Series include all of the Deep Dive eLearning PLUS live study sessions with PMP expert Tony Johnson!

Multiply the value of the Deep Dive when you attend study sessions led by an expert on the PMP exam.

  • Four sessions spread over five weeks.
  • Each session is 3.5 hours.
  • Study the Deep Dive eLearning before attending the live session, then ask your questions.
  • Get additional expert tips on study strategies.
  • Bring this hybrid study program to your organization. Schedule your own private class.

Nobody knows more about passing the PMP exam than Tony Johnson!

Tony has spent over two decades focused on creating study materials for all PMI certifications. He is one of the authors of the Deep Dive package. Tony's practical guidance on breaking down the exam questions builds your confidence. He is committed to your success. You'll have access to him for personal support after the study sessions.




Interactive learning activities help you digest the reading and video lessons.
Try one for yourself!

1. Welcome to the PMP Deep Dive!

2. Exam Success Factors

3. Business Environment

4. Roles and Organizations 

5. Integration 

6. Stakeholders 

7. Scope 

8. Schedule 

9. Agile and Hybrid 

10. Resource 

11. Risk 

12. Cost

13. Quality

14. Procurement 

15. Communication 

16. Ready to Go! Pass the Exam!